Payroll Processing Management: A Necessity To Simplify Your Work Environment

payroll servicesManaging the salary of numerous employees is not an easy task, and is a great responsibility on the part of the HR and accounts department to accurately calculate and disburse monthly or weekly salaries to employees. Thus, proper payroll processing management plays an important role that controls the method of distributing employees’ salaries in an organization. But even then, there are organizations, especially the small businesses that are not very adept at accurate and timely calculation of salaries due too the vast complexities involved. Therefore varied accounting firms in Toronto have take up the responsibility of offering payroll services which apart from calculation of salaries also includes tax deductions of employees; managing the retirement benefits and disbursements of other perks and dues to respective accounts.

Payroll processing in other terms is also known as an important accounting service that helps in the smooth running of an organization. This process can further be divided into two sub processes, namely;

Payroll accounting:  It basically involves the calculation of salaries and tax deductions in different departments according to different salary scales. This process further includes other accounting services such as preparation of tax returns, maintenance of payroll records, etc.

Payroll administration: Another integral part of payroll processing; payroll administration involves the upper level supervisory activities such as maintaining all the requisite records of employees, keeping track of guidelines and rules related to employment and labor laws, maintaining daily records and attendance sheets etc.

G. S. & Associates has a proven track record of almost 30 years offering valuable payroll services to various small to medium sized companies as well as large corporate.

Avoid complications – Hire an accountant in Toronto today

An accountant Toronto can help your business avoid unwanted and unpredictable complications. Every business, whether big or small, needs an accountant for different purposes. There are varied firms offering bookkeeping Toronto services who can help to operate your business smoothly. Bookkeeping may look quite simple, but can actually ruin your business if not done accurately and on time.

Apart from offering bookkeeping services, a reliable accountant Toronto will also provide the best business plans, evaluations and long term decisions that can help your venture in the future. Hiring a professional will result in your accounting books being kept up-to-date and error-free.

Reliable, honest and timely bookkeeping services from G. S. & Associates can help prevent various complications in business such as interruptions, increased overhead expenses, unnecessary hiring or firing, wastage of time and money etc. For the past 30 years we have been handling all aspects of daily bookkeeping Toronto tasks including financial reporting, tax filing such as GST/HST, PST, Payroll processing, accounts receivable and payable management, banking to a hoard of other activities. Our services will not end by just keeping your books in order! We will also help you understand the financial reports and how it can be effectively and profitably used in your business.

We make bookkeeping quick, hassle-free and painless!

Enjoy peace of mind by availing professional payroll services

Most small business owners are not aware of the fact that though administration should be in their hands, there are some tasks like payroll processing, tax preparation Toronto, bookkeeping, accounting, etc. that is best left in the hands of experts. Trying to save a few bucks by doing such complicated and legal tasks yourself can lead to severe losses in the near future. An accounting firm on the other hand usually has a team of qualified, learned and responsible Chartered Accountants who are expert at accomplishing such tasks.

An organization may have innumerable workers under different salary structure, and many of them may not be paid accurately due to the complexities involved. It is very important that employees be paid their due wages and on time to maintain a healthy and professional relationship between the workers and the management. To avoid such payroll problems, accurate and effective payroll processing is a must in all organizations. A professional payroll services provider can help you in a variety of ways by maintaining the payroll sheets, keeping track of direct deposits and paychecks; keep you abreast of all deadlines related to tax payment and tax return due dates, work with you on worker’s compensation laws etc.

Small business owners can enjoy a better peace of mind, avoid headaches on employee payroll accounting and keep the workforce happy by appointing a reliable accounting firm in Toronto.

Tax Preparation Services – Help Your Business Grow Without Hurdles

The filing of taxes for companies is becoming more and more rigid and similarly tax preparation Toronto is also becoming more complex each day. It is very necessary to keep abreast of all the changes and amendments of tax rules so that you do not face any legal charges. But since it is not possible for an entrepreneur to accurately file tax returns and keep track of all the tax compliance, it is best to assign the job to a tax accountant Toronto. An intelligent businessman will always take precautionary measures and avail efficient tax preparation services to avoid unnecessary problems.

We offer accurate and affordable tax preparation services to small and medium companies, individuals, corporate and self-employed for filing of your tax returns on time.  We have an intelligent and professional team who are trained to minimize tax bills and maximize your refund on taxes. Our services are there for you throughout the year since preparation of taxes is a year round endeavor. It’s also our responsibility to respond to all CRA requests, queries and doubts. Our services do not end here! We can also assist you in making the right financial investments that can help you save income tax money. We help you avoid major hurdles to a great extent, progress in business rapidly and attain long term success.

Don’t Make Payroll Processing a Headache – Tackle It the Easy Way

Payroll may be an enjoyable moment for employees, but can be a reason for headache for small business owners. Elaborate and complicated calculations, hours spent on making government reports, innumerable cheques that need to be signed and depositing taxes in different accounts are all a part of payroll processing. No wonder, most small business owners dread this time of the month! Apart from this there is also the responsibility of quarterly filing of taxes and other necessary obligations. But all of this can now be made very simple with the help of reliable accounting firms in Toronto who offer valuable and dependable payroll services.

G. S. & Associates is one such accounting firm in GTA that has been offering consistent and honorable payroll services for the past thirty years. Each of our payroll processing service has been tailor-made as per client requirements to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Functionality, quality and high standards and dependability has always been our specialty, and we can answer all your payroll needs.

Most companies are now outsourcing their payroll needs to make their daily business operations simpler and less complicated. You can also focus on only your business objectives, enhance productivity and reduce costs by outsourcing all your worries and tensions to us. We can answer all your bookkeeping and internal payroll processing operations so that you are free to utilize your brains in business. We have a team of experts who are well-versed with the continually changing labor and employment rules and procedures, and who will work collaboratively with your team to offer the best payroll services. Be assured that your administrative issues are in trusted hands when you hire G. S. & Associates.

Small Business Accounting Software: Choose The Best One

Managing accounting and finances is one of the most neglected duties, since it is one of the most feared and least-liked parts of running a small business. Selecting the best small business accounting software and a responsible accounting firm therefore becomes inevitable if you really want to cut overhead costs, decrease unnecessary expenditure and increase your cash flow. The right accountants can take a lot of anxiety and load off your shoulder so that you can concentrate wholly on your business. Such firms not only offer solutions to budget the current finances but also help you plan for the future.

G. S. & Associates offers valuable services in accounting and bookkeeping Toronto, which leaves you to spend your time on almost anything; other than accounting. No more manual entries, innumerable errors and irregular expenditures! We help save your time, money and resources the easy way with the help of small business accounting software so that you can concentrate on building better relationships with customers and grow your business.

The operational scale of a small business may also be small, but never make the mistake of thinking that the accounting complexities can be simple as well. Irrespective of the size of an organization; the right accounting and bookkeeping Toronto services are necessary to reduce taxes, unnecessary expenditure and financial mistakes to prevent future losses. As a responsible accounting firm, G Web Pro can assist you with the most ideal and dynamic small business accounting software that will help increase productivity and save money and energy.

Points To Remember While Looking for Small Business Accounting Software!

Every business owner should give a serious thought to buying or installing a small business accounting software; one of the key components in preparing financial statements on time and decreasing costs. But then again, just as buying this software is important; similarly choosing the right accounting software for small business is equally necessary.

While searching for the right kind of accounting software some basic points should be kept in mind:

Cost of the Software

The first and foremost thing any entrepreneur would look into before purchasing something is definitely the cost. Though there are varied small business accounting software that can be bought by paying a lump-sum amount just once; there may be some where you need to give recurring yearly or monthly payments. It is advisable not to go for free software since these packages do not offer updates or the required support as compared to their paid counterparts. It is best to spend on software that suits your business needs appropriately than just the budget alone.

User-friendly software

Accounting software for small business should always be user-friendly and simple to handle. It is easier and time-saving to master simple accounting software. Handling a complicated one can do more harm than good.

Customer support & after-sales service

While purchasing accounting software you should be sure about the support and after sales service criteria. Problems and mechanical failure can crop up out of nowhere, and it is better that you know where to contact in case of an emergency. Timely support and latest updates can save your hard earned money.

In case you are still confused or hesitant about your requirements, it is best to seek the advice of a professional accounting firm in Toronto who can guide through the same.

Customized accounting services for skilled practitioners

Working in specialized areas has always been the forte of G.S. & Associates; which has enabled us to offer customized strategies and value-added accounting services to different professionals such as doctors, dentists and lawyers. Our professional and well-qualified staff at is well-versed with all sorts of accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services that are necessary to meet the challenges concerned with business financial needs. We completely understand the fact that no two professions are similar, and therefore offer customized solutions and deal with different skilled practitioners accordingly.

We understand that your economic needs and your financial area is very different from other individuals. This is the reason we provide specialized accounting services that is easy for you as an individual to understand; and for your business to accommodate. G.S. & Associates are equipped with the required expertise and experience to offer valuable services to professionals like medical practitioners, healthcare providers and lawyers etc. that are cost effective and very efficient. We have a team of dedicated business consultants whose primary objective is to focus on your business goals and offer solutions for long term success. This enables you to focus completely on your practice.

Apart from offering bookkeeping services and managing your payroll responsibilities, we are also adept in income tax preparation and planning; general office administration and other such related services that can assist you to gain more free time to involve in day-to-day operations.